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 Vladimir Karachunov - European Tour 2013 @ Pole Academy

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Pole Academy
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Viestien lukumäärä : 19
Registration date : 29.11.2012

ViestiAihe: Vladimir Karachunov - European Tour 2013 @ Pole Academy   Ke Syys 18, 2013 3:24 pm

Tankotanssimaailman nuori susi Vladimir Karachunov tekee debyyttinsä Suomeen ja Tampereelle!

Omaperäiset yhdistelmät ja painovoimaa uhmaamat liikkeet hämmästyttävät kenet tahansa ja antavat uutta intoa tankoharrastukseen tasolla kuin tasolla!


Vladimir Karachunov is an extremely talented and outstanding acrobat. He is one of the most popular and favourite heartthrobs in the pole dancing community. If you don’t already know this name, you might recognize him as “A Young Wolf”.

Vlad showcases his originality and creativity for the art of pole through his own signature combos. He is best known for his spins on static poles and will keep your jaws dropped through his movements up and down and around that pole. Not only is Vlad a fantastic performer, he is also an amazing coach that can instruct students of all levels. Vlad will show lots of exercises to work up your strength along with giving you adaptations and variations to movements that you would like to acquire. With his years of experience – on and off the pole - he will be able to take you on a pole adventure that will be absolutely unforgettable.


- Signature Tricks and Combinations -
Vlad is well known for his signature pole tricks and combinations. By using various pole trick techniques, such as shoulder mounts, flags, inversions, and etc, he creates them into his very own and unique set of combinations. This workshop may seem extremely challenging; however, Vladimir is amazing at adapting the workshop to your skill set level so you would have nothing to fear! It is a promise that he will make you work up a sweat and take you on an exciting pole ride like you never had before. If you have always loved his videos, this is the time to learn how to do them yourself!

- Floor Transitions -
In this workshop, you will learn different floor transitions using the pole and learn how to utilize your floor space. Now that you have the skills to dance on the pole, it is time to combine movements on the floor along with your pole tricks. Vlad is known for creating lots of smooth transitions from the floor onto the pole and vice versa. Learn from one of the best to seamlessly put floor transitions and pole tricks together!

- Pole Tricks - Beginner -
The goal of this workshop is to work on your pole techniques. There will be a lot of focus on inversion and spinning skill – ON A STATIC POLE!!!! Vlad will give you lots of recommendations on how to execute some of your favourite tricks by giving you various exercises and variations of the same trick. He will be putting a lot of focus on techniques and try to eliminate bad technique habits on the pole. There will be lots of theory and practice to help you increase and build on your pole fundamentals.

- Pole Tricks - Advance and Pro -
You will be doing some CRAZY STUNTS on the pole. Get ready to work and sweat. You will learn everything there is about flags, inverts, and transitions. The aim is to learn how to do flags in various ways and be comfortable executing tricks. In the workshop, we will try to achieve the optima mix of complexity, ease of execution and aesthetics of movements. Of course, you will be working on Fullmoon Flag stuff and other fun tricks!

Vlad will challenge you to take your pole skills to the next level.

- Spin Around the World -
Learn how to do spins on static poles. Lots of new and fun innovative tricks that will keep you spinning! Focusing on how to keep spinning even if the pole isn’t!


Sunday 29.9.2013
14.00 Pole Tricks - Advance and Pro ★★★
15.30 Spin Around the World ★
17.00 Pole Tricks - Beginner ★

Monday 30.9.2013
17.30 Floor Transitions ★★
19.00 Signature Tricks and Combinations ★★/★★★

Duration 1.5 hours.

- 1 workshop 49€
- 2 workshops 93€
- 3 workshops 139€
- 4 workshops 185€

Sitovat ilmottautumiset osoitteeseen toimisto@poleacademy.fi (nimi, puhelinnumero, sähköpostiosoite ja postiosoite). Kurssit maksetaan paikanpäällä ennen kurssin alkua - poissaolot laskutetaan!

Varaustilanteen näet osoitteessa http://vladimir.poleacademy.fi/.
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Vladimir Karachunov - European Tour 2013 @ Pole Academy
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